A New View

“What does it take to live peacefully on this planet?”

Isn’t this the ten million dollar question?  Do you, do I, do we have an answer?  I think yes, and it is grounded in the realization of each individual having a piece in peace.

As I sat in the New Vision Center for Spiritual Living (NVC) in Phoenix a few weeks ago, Rev. Dr. Michelle Medrano posed the question above to the 120 or so people before her.  I was ecstatic to have arrived on this winter sojourn just as NVC was celebrating the Season for Non-Violence.    Nestled between the anniversary dates for the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 30) and Mahatma Gandhi (April 4), Rev. Michelle was honoring their legacy and focusing four consecutive weekly messages on peace.  That was right up my alley and, having listened to her speak many times during our annual visits to the Valley of the Sun, I was anxious to hear what she had to say.

A story from Depok Chopra introduced her topic.  “He has given the example that the body is made up of cells.  Some cells may become toxic and hence influence the cells around them and begin to create disease.  Humanity is constructed like our body.  We are each a cell in the larger body of humankind and we each have a role in influencing the whole.”

This certainly explains how important each individual is.  It’s like a bucket brigade.  You pass the bucket to me.  I pass it to the person next to me and on and on.  If I, for whatever reason, take the bucket from you but don’t pass it on,  the chain is broken. The fire continues to rage.  There is a toxic reaction and it begins to influence those around me.

The question was posed once more, “What does it take to live peacefully as an individual?”  I waited for her further insights….

“Part of the secret of daily peaceful living, the first step, is to transform perception.  We have to rise up above it, see it from a new viewpoint, new vantage point, through other people’s eyes, through higher consciousness.  We have to see it from a new view.”

Ah!!!  New View.  Yes!!  The phrase alone produced goose bumps for me.  Back in 1987 I was contemplating what to call my new art and painting business.  The phrase New View popped into my head and ever since, through artwork, jewelry-making, Feng Shui, and now the publishing of my Power of Peace book, the name New View Studio has served me well.

Spiritual consciousness, higher consciousness or increased awareness all are ways, she offers, to point us in the direction of a New View.  The doorway into Spiritual Consciousness is the development of a daily spiritual practice.  We do it over and over again and it helps us to develop a place of spiritual strength to draw from.  It helps us to begin to see the other side of the story, to generate a creative solution or take a deep breath and allow a terse comment to pass.

The concept of developing a daily spiritual practice may sound scary, laborious,  time-consuming or even impossible.  But the practice can be simple, should always be fulfilling and will help us to continue to pass the bucket and keep the flow going.  Daily spiritual practice may be as simple as getting up each morning and saying thank you for this day, meditating, reading inspirational books or daily passages, being out in nature, saying a prayer or journaling.

Her words inspired me to get more deliberate about my own spiritual practice.  Meditation is now consistently a part of every day.  I Am affirmations and recalling my Feel Good Story are daily additions that help me feel more centered.

NVC now offers videos of Rev. Michelle’s past messages and I invite you to enjoy her powerful inspiration.  That day I found her closing words quite moving.  As I typed them below, they became like a poem for me, a mantra of hope, understanding and power.  I trust they will inspire you as well.

“For people, more and more of us,

who live and breathe and speak and talk and love

from this spiritual consciousness,


We’ve got to be about this.

And there’s no more excuses

 for any of us who look out in the world

and refuse this practice and refuse this daily work

and then complain about what’s going on anywhere in the world.

You have no right.  We have no right.

If we’re not building ourselves up from the inside out

and being a contribution

that is greater than what we’re seeing out there,

nothing will change.  Nothing will shift.


And so it is.”

Rev. Dr. Michelle Medrano

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  1. Dan
    Posted April 30, 2012 at 9:19 am | Permalink

    Carol you have hit upon the essence of peace in your inspiring message. Living individually in peace and harmony has to start with each of us. As we feel at peace with ourselves the rest of humanity will adapt to this feeling and sense of oneness.

    • Posted April 30, 2012 at 12:15 pm | Permalink

      Yes! Thanks for your comment. You got the message completely.

  2. Posted April 16, 2013 at 8:53 pm | Permalink

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