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Many readers comment that they flip through the book and see what page they open to randomly.  They then use the quote that catches their eye as inspiration.  The quote in the photo is one example. I invite you to try this and let me know what emerges for you.

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I appreciate the new and exciting ideas that come to me. I take these gifts, like seeds, and plant them by accepting their potential. They are nurtured and grow through the conscious use of my imagination and right action. What ideas can you accept and imagine in this new year – World Peace?  Increased prosperity?  [...]

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A New View

“What does it take to live peacefully on this planet?” Isn’t this the ten million dollar question?  Do you, do I, do we have an answer?  I think yes, and it is grounded in the realization of each individual having a piece in peace. As I sat in the New Vision Center for Spiritual Living [...]

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Peace Team

As you can see, my book is small.  Not in a concept kind of way but in its stature – 4” x 6” and 48 pages.  It is small by design, easy to carry with you, have by the bedside and, from my perspective, easy to digest.  Open to any page and there is something, [...]

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Scrabble and Peace

Soiree – pronounced swaray (meaning:  gathering, meeting, get-together) I was playing Scrabble with my son and husband.  It was a rare treat to have us all together but they were both in a sour mood. For the third straight game over two days I’d gotten most of the good letters – Z, Q, J, K, [...]

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Feel Good Day in Boston

SCORE!!!!!!!! We jumped to the sky in utter jubilation.  The Bruins had scored their third goal to Vancouver’s none and we were starting to imagine that it might become a reality.  It looked like they just might win Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup. As many of you know, I like hockey.  I don’t [...]

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Feel Good! I do.

Yahoo!  I jump to my feet and raise my arms in victory, turning to slap a high five with the fan next to me.  Then I begin to clap along with the 5000 other fans as the Pep Band plays the school song.  My husband and I have been U Maine hockey season ticket holders [...]

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