Feel Good Day in Boston

SCORE!!!!!!!! We jumped to the sky in utter jubilation.  The Bruins had scored their third goal to Vancouver’s none and we were starting to imagine that it might become a reality.  It looked like they just might win Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup.

As many of you know, I like hockey.  I don’t care for the fighting part, but it is a game of incredible skill. It’s also something that my husband loves and for the opportunity to share his excitement alone I am happy to be an enthusiastic fan.

I focus on college hockey but as a resident of New England, I started paying attention to the Boston Bruins in the National League Hockey Championships this year.  Over a three week period I watched as the energy around the team grew.  They stretched all but one of their four playoff series to a Game 7, increasing their legions of revived and new fans as they went.  By the time they won the championship cup that last night, people all over New England, even those with only a passing interest in hockey, were rooting for the Bruins.

The energy that built around this team was phenomenal – so much so that their victory parade through the streets of Boston culminated  in a Feel Good party that had grown steadily during their playoff run.  One million was the estimate for the crowd which lined the two mile long parade route from their home ice at Boston Garden to the skyscrapers at Copley Square.

What brings a crowd of one million together to see a bunch of guys hold a big silver trophy over their head on a summer Saturday morning?  Feeling good.  The energy that this team and its supporting franchise was able to generate was palpable.  Watching the Bruins during this stretch was sometimes agonizing but mostly filled with inspiration, anticipation, admiration and just plain fun.  They exhibited some of the better qualities of humanity.  They worked together as a team.  No one player dominated the ice and sought individual glory.  The goalie rose, on several occasions, to a level beyond spectacular.  They were skilled, they were scrappers, they looked like they were having fun.

I sat by my television set watching the parade festivities and knew, in my core, that this was what it was all about — being inspired, being proud, celebrating and savoring an accomplishment earned from years of practice and dedication.  They were all feeling good and in the process Holding the Power of Peace.

I am curious how the city of Boston and the New England region will carry this enthusiasm into the summer.  It would not surprise me to see some unexpected good things come out of this consolidation and building of positive energy.  Let’s keep an eye out.

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