Origin of the Power of Peace

The phrase I Hold the Power of Peace was a message I received the day after September 11, 2001.  Here’s an excerpt of the story from the booklet:

As many will recall, that day was filled with disbelief, uncertainty and sorrow over the terrorist attacks on the U.S. the day before.  The situation weighed heavily on my shoulders and I went for a walk to clear my mind.

How, I wondered, could I offer support to my fellow citizens? As I walked, I considered what I could do to help during this tumultuous time. Keeping a steady pace for almost an hour allowed my thoughts to drift and flow with the rhythm of the ocean beside my path. Nearing the end of my journey I specifically asked myself, “What can I do to help during this time?”

Immediately, I received an answer in such a clear and forceful way it stopped me in my tracks. The message was:

I Hold the Power of Peace

Instantly, I knew these words were directed to me personally. I also understood the collective nature of the message. …The message I Hold the Power of Peace called for a shift in our collective thinking.

This is how my walk with peace began. With the message came an understanding that peace begins in and with each and every one of us.

I invite you to join me – to find your piece in peace and Hold the Power of Peace.