Technique for Holding Peace

Over the past decade, I have developed a technique for Holding the Power of Peace. A more detailed description is provided in the booklet.  It is my pleasure to share an abbreviated version with you here.

There are four components to this simple technique:

Thought                   Emotion             Imagination                 Feeling

  • Thought is the initial part of any process of achievement.  Consciously choose peace-focused thoughts that reflect the end result you wish to experience.
  • Emotions are a gauge we can use to know where our thoughts are guiding us.  When we are happy, optimistic or have any other uplifting emotion, we are directing our lives toward peace.  If this is not our experience, we can decipher which thoughts are causing the unwanted reaction and shift them.
  • Imagination allows us the opportunity to create positive thoughts without needing to take any action.  This experience does, actually, attract experiences into our lives which mirror the tone of what we imagine.
  • Feelings are the catalyst, the link, between simply pondering what we desire and actually creating a favorable outcome.  They send out the final request.  Circumstances come into our lives that mirror the feelings we have been broadcasting.

We can put all of these components together and feel more peace in our lives by creating our own Feel Good Story.  Combine your thoughts and imagination to feel your highest expression of peace.

Think of a time when you felt simply wonderful.  Identify an experience from your life or invent one from scratch.  This story should create within you a profound feeling of happiness and fulfillment — a good feeling!

Imagine your Feel Good Story often to generate an uplifting, peaceful feeling in your body.  We can all increase peace around the globe by personally practicing this technique.

Will you join me in creating this reality in our world?

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