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As you can see, my book is small.  Not in a concept kind of way but in its stature – 4” x 6” and 48 pages.  It is small by design, easy to carry with you, have by the bedside and, from my perspective, easy to digest.  Open to any page and there is something, hopefully, to nourish and encourage.

This small stature lead me to the decision to omit the acknowledgement page.  That does not in any way mean that I didn’t have people to acknowledge, for I most certainly do.  So, as they are long overdue, I have chosen to present them here, in this modern day venue, the blog.

As you may have read by now, the concept for I Hold the Power of Peace came to me on September 12, 2001, the day after the 9/11 attacks on the U.S.  You may also recall that we recently commemorated the tenth anniversary of this fateful event.  I spent a lot of years cultivating this message, allowing it to blossom, regenerate and blossom yet again in a more full and concise way.

I really had no idea what I was doing and only knew what I wanted the outcome to be – a small book.  I let my intuition, intention and synchronicity take over at this point.

When I finally grew into an understanding of this message, it was in the context of telling my larger story of inquiry and intuitive development.  Aja Brownell of Earth’s Institute for Conscious Living and I became writing partners.  We met weekly and she worked on her memoir while I pursued this project.  Beyond the motivation of having an appointment to show up and write, we offered each other perspective and encouragement.  Aja was absolutely pivotal in making me see the importance of sharing my own insights rather than quoting others’ I’d read and studied.  The book became mine with Aja’s loving nudge and clear understanding.

These work sessions were the end of any prescribed approach to writing and publishing a book.  I really had no idea what I was doing and only knew what I wanted the outcome to be – a small book.  I let my intuition, intention and synchronicity take over at this point.  I was truly unaware of what to do, to move forward in the middle of the path in the midst of a tall, dark forest.  I needed help with the writing process but Aja had moved to the west coast by then and we weren’t meeting anymore.  One night while attending a monthly meditation circle I conducted with a friend I met a new attendee – Teresa Piccari.  In her introduction she explained that she was a writing coach – yes, a writing coach.  My first appointment was only a few days later and we worked together through the end of the project.  As my editor, she provided countless hours of guidance, support and education.  I have learned so much about writing from her through both our one-on-one sessions and her group writing workshops.

Shortly after connecting with Teresa I started to believe that the book could actually be written.  The next thing I’d need to do was get it printed.  Once a week I take a tennis clinic.  This is the only day I play and there’s a great group of ladies that attend regularly.  Since we were all getting to know each other, I started chatting one morning with Kat Stuart, an awesome tennis player.  She mentioned that she was a graphic designer.  Ah ha!  Did she know anything about laying out a book?  Oh sure, come on over and I’ll take a look.  What an angel!  When I handed her the draft she held it in her hands for a few moments then looked up and said, “This is big! You need to do this.  This is big!”  She was the absolute epitome of peace as she cheerfully revised over 18 drafts of the inside of the book and many more versions of the cover.

Kat could do the graphic design but not the cover art. Enter my best friend of all time, Holly Smith.  Holly has been my art buddy since I moved to Maine in 1978.  She is an accomplished artist as well as a high school art and photography teacher, so she is multi-talented.  In trying to pin down the image we wanted, she did some oil sketches then took photos of me and my vision boards but we still weren’t settled on the cover.  It was time to let the energy sit and redefine itself.  Holly and I have been members of an intuitive study group for over 16 years.  We meditate together and Holly makes sketches of the images she sees during our sessions.  She’d been looking through old sketchbooks and found a drawing she’d made several years ago of a hand holding a circling, spiraling energy. We both knew that was the image!  Holly put it together and I absolutely love it.

The book was physically coming together but I also needed to make the world aware of it with a website.  Kat mentioned that her friend, Jim Dugan, did websites.  His personality and skill level fit in perfectly with everyone else I had corralled into the project – patient, kind, thoughtful and creative.

These five folks are my A Team and all live within 10 miles of me (Aja did when we worked together).  Many others, with the beauty of email, helped with proofreading, giving feedback on content, cover art ideas, website analysis and general encouragement and cheerleading.  They include my husband Dan, my sons Adam and Evan, my mother Joanne Fagerburg , Aunt Judy Bricker, remaining group members Cheryl Evangelos and Elizabeth Thorson,  Sandhya Kochar,  Vidya and Kalpa Gopal,  Alisa Roman, Monica Perry, writing class partners Carolyn, Mary and Heather and everyone else that gave encouragement and support along the way.

Finally, I must acknowledge two of my mentors, as their ideas and insights are most definitely permeating throughout the book – Terah Kathryn Collins, founder and teacher at the Western School of Feng Shui and Denise Linn, my Soul Coaching® teacher.

I can say I wrote a book but not entirely.  It was a total group effort, which is just so perfect and in sync with what my whole point is.  I love it.  These dear, dear people were sent to me. It was my intention to put this message out into the world and they all obliged, stepping right into my path.  Thank God my eyes were open enough to see them all.

Gratitude, appreciation, gratefulness, love, absolute beyond belief thanks, wonder and awe go to everyone on this dream team, my Peace Team.  I am so blessed.


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  1. Adam Daigneault
    Posted November 17, 2011 at 6:10 pm | Permalink

    What a great team! Amazing how a small group of like minded and enthusiastic people can help spread the word to all corners of the globe. I am doing my part to keep spreading the Power of Peace down under! Those who have read the book in my part of the world have been really grateful to become aware of this concept.

    • Posted November 17, 2011 at 9:11 pm | Permalink

      Thanks for all you do Adam, in New Zealand and your everyday life, to bring peace to the world. I continue to hold the vision that groups of peace minded people around the globe will steadily increase to the point where we tip the scale and peace is enjoyed by all. I’m so looking forward to my upcoming trip down your way to meet the Kiwis and see the amazing geography.

  2. Posted April 28, 2013 at 12:38 pm | Permalink

    Hello, your articles here Peace Team » I Hold The Power of Peace to write well, thanks for sharing!

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