Your Feel Good Stories

You are invited to tell us your Feel Good Story.   Contact us and share the story you remember when you want to feel good and return to peace.

Teresa, a writing and creativity coach from Maine, shares her Feel Good Story.

I learned to swim in a cedar lake.  On weekends, my family would trade our urban home for the country.  No matter how many guests we had or how much boating and water skiing there was to be done, my father always set aside time for my individual swim time, which made me feel special.  An avid swimmer all his life, my dad inspired me to love the water too by creating this wonderful ritual.

I can still taste the richness of the water and its exotic smell.  The cedar trees flavored it, imbuing it with sacred and spiritual cleansing properties.  Its texture was like swimming through fine, transparent velvet.  This is where I learned to float too, finding that the water would buoy me if I relaxed and trusted it to do so.  I would emerge from its smoky topaz depths with the blond downy hair on my young arms and legs enrobed in fine threads of toasted saffron like a monk.

Whenever I need to center or nurture myself, I float back to my girlhood, to be buoyed by my memories of that healing water and the sense of love I felt from my father.

I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise four decades later when I started my own business and selected a mermaid as the logo.  All I have to do is look at my business card to be transported to my Feel Good Story.

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