Your Peace Stories

You are invited to tell us stories of how you have come to Hold the Power of Peace.  Contact us to share your realizations, visions, hopes, suggestions, experiences, outcomes, dreams and imaginings of peace.

Judith, a voice and piano teacher in Seattle, shares how she has benefited from Holding the Power of Peace.

I have a private piano and voice teaching business. It is small and I run the whole show myself. This gets stressful for me at our yearly recital time–so many details for me to manage. For many years now I have spent the night before awake with anxiety.

Before my last recital I had read Carol’s piece on visualizing at bedtime and decided to try it. I didn’t picture the exact details of the next day but I put white light around the event and pictured happy students celebrating with me.  I also saw myself driving away at the end of the recital relieved and happy. After imagining these scenes I fell quickly into a peaceful sleep.

The next day went like a dream.  Everything went better than I could have imagined.  I walked into the recital space with the first of many loads. The receptionist appeared and eagerly helped.  Next, a student came early with her mother who is a party planner. The mom took over the party room so I could greet the other  students and their parents.

Yet another parent stepped up right when I needed him and gave me  last minute advice on my emcee duties.  This was the first year I would give an extended introduction for each student and I was nervous.  It was great that he stayed close to the stage and encouraged me throughout the performance.  Following the reception one family with three children even stayed behind and made quick work of getting everything loaded in the car.

The day went so well. Spirits were high and students and their families went away with a beautiful feeling. I drove home feeling relief and happiness just like my image the night before.

Yes, I thanked the Universe and sent thank you notes to my earth angels.

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