Give a Peace Party

Gather your friends and family together and have a Peace Party!  Help to spread peace to others by sharing the material in the I Hold the Power of Peace booklet.

If you live in Maine, Carol would be happy to attend your party and share her insights.  She has many stories, exercises and activities to share so that everyone can go home with tools and an increased understanding of how they can increase their personal peace.

Remember, the first 500 copies of the I Hold the Power of Peace booklet are free so you will be able to share them with everyone.  Order now.

If you aren’t in Maine that’s okay too.  Perhaps we can find a way for Carol to attend or she’ll provide additional information so that you can have the party on your own.

All you need to host a party is a group of interested people and a place to meet.  Carol will help you organize the rest. Contact Carol to make arrangements.