Power of the Group

For over fifteen years Carol has met with the three other members of her Intuitive Development Circle almost weekly.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Many of us are familiar with this phrase which speaks to the idea that the energy each of us contributes to a project is usually enhanced when we focus on it with like-minded people.

Many people gather regularly to pray for the sick.  Groups brought together by the internet organize and meditate on specific political, military or environmental topics.  Impressive shifts have been achieved from these efforts.  Numerous scientific experiments have utilized group prayer and meditation and realized significant quantifiable results.  The data repeatedly shows that a concerted effort by a group of focused individuals significantly enhances desired results.  Lynne McTaggert’s Intention Experiment addresses this topic wonderfully.

Over the past fifteen years Carol has met weekly with three other women for meditation and intuitive development.  In the Power of Peace booklet she relates how working in a group creates much stronger results than working alone.

The method of meeting and interaction Carol uses in her group work is a Circle format.  Ego is left at the door.  Each individual is given full respect and input into the group’s activities and discussion.  The trust that is generated allows participants an opening for expanding their capacities, insights and understanding.