Power of Peace Circles

When two or more people have a passion to Hold the Power of Peace, a Peace Circle can be born.  The term Circle comes literally from the fact that all participants sit in a circle when they meet.  This allows everyone to have an equal position within the group.

The intentions for a Peace Circle are many.  You may wish to join together to create a community focused on peace, assist individuals in developing peace in themselves or hope to grow the Power of Peace for all.

Carol has developed a short manual that will assist anyone interested in starting their own Peace Circle.  It includes suggestions on:

  • The Meeting Space
  • Altar Building
  • Sample Circle Format
  • Guided Visualizations
  • Peace Exercises
  • List of Discussion Topics
  • Timeline for 1 and 1½ hour Circles

There also is an inexpensive Power of Peace Circle Kit that is a wonderful addition to the start-up of any Circle.  Additionally, Carol is available for Peace Circle Consultations or Peace Circle Visits.