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One of the most powerful tools I have developed for moving myself toward a peaceful center is the Feel Good Story.  When we feel good we are more able to attract the people, opportunities and experiences into our lives that bring us joy and fulfillment – that bring us peace.

What is a Feel Good Story?

The Feel Good Story is a memory or imagined anecdote that, when we recollect it, makes us feel good.

Feeling is the catalyst, the link, between simply pondering what we desire and actually creating a favorable outcome.  Feeling is what gets the job done.  So, when we feel good we attract more good feeling circumstances and opportunities into our lives.

How do I use the Feel Good Story?

The Feel Good Story is a valuable tool in helping us to realign ourselves when we’ve gone off course.  When I find myself worried, scattered, or in some other way losing my inspiration and optimism,  I try to remember to turn to my Feel Good Story.

I simply take a moment to begin imagining the Story in my head.  I see the people and events but I, more importantly, experience a literal physical sensation, as though I were experiencing the Story in person.  Often I smile or take a deep breath in sweet remembrance as I allow the effects of recalling the Story to embrace me.

What is your Feel Good Story?

We all have something, and perhaps multiple associations, that elicit feelings of joy, gratitude, happiness or excitement.  Begin to identify yours.  They can be real life memories or not, it doesn’t matter. What is important is the way the Story makes you feel.

What touches, excites and fulfills you?  When we adopted our kittens they definitely created a feeling of joy in me.  Many people mention that being out in nature and gardening or hiking brings them joy and peace.  Thinking of the love you have for a partner, child or other family member may help your heart to swell with love.

Keep It Going

Think of your Feel Good Story often and connect these thoughts to an elevated emotion.  Most importantly, recreate internally the feeling the memory produces.  Practice will allow you to feel it, literally, in your body.  Repetition will help you to heighten the connection and the subsequent results you experience.

We’d love to hear how this technique works for you.  Please share your Feel Good Story and results with us below.

There’s nothing more important than feeling good.

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