Ways You Find Inner Peace

You are invited to tell us how you find inner peace.   Contact us and share ways you center yourself and rediscover that place of peace within you.

Judith, a Qi Gong Master from Seattle, explains exercises she uses to find inner peace.

Qi Gong practice brings nonjudgmental peace and quiet to our lives. We develop deep inner peace and rightness with no external reason.

Lotus Blossom Breathing

Imagine a lotus plant. The lotus grows in shallow, muddy water. Even in this dark environment the lotus plant blossoms into pure clean colors.

Bring your arms up in front of you to about shoulder height.  The hands, palms down, are bringing Qi (vital energy) from the Earth below. Imagine that Qi is flowing up the center of your body.  Now, flip the hands so your palms are up.

Your hands floating upward are like the lotus plant growing up towards the sky, the sun and the heavens. Next, as your arms swing open to the side, you are like the lotus blooming. Feel the sun on your face. Feel your whole body blooming.

To end, pivot at the elbows so your arms swing inward until the palms are facing downward. Drop your shoulders and relax your arms so that your hands float down and hang naturally at your sides

Allow a few slow breaths. Let your mind follow the breath–imagine the breath filling the lower abdomen.

The Qi Gong State

In the Qi Gong State you are in the moment and free from thinking. This releases vital energy and makes it available for creativity and health.

The body is relaxed and your mind quiets down like the waters of a still pond.

Picture this still pond. If you toss a pebble into the water, you can see the ripples all the way to the edge of the pond. But if there is a storm and you toss a pebble in, it gets lost in the chaos of the waves.

This mirrors our lives and our thoughts. When the nagging voices in our head have quieted there is inner silence, tranquility and harmony.

We are like the still pond.

We can see with clarity.

Happiness and contentment follow.

This is our natural state.

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