Peace Cafe

Welcome to the Peace Café where you will find recipes that can help you return to center and Hold the Power of Peace.  They include:


Shifting attention to your breath is a wonderful way to return to the present and bring yourself back to feeling good.  Try one of these exercises:


  • Pause for a moment.  Sit or stand quietly if you are able.
  • Breath in for the count of four:  one…..two…..three…..four
  • Hold the breath for two:  one….two…..
  • Slowly exhale to the count of five:  one…..two…..three…..four…..five
  • Repeat this sequence for as long as you are able.
  • Once you are done, take note of how you feel.  It is likely you will be more calm, centered and peaceful.

Walk and Breath

Use this technique when you are walking an extended distance.  You may be exercising, going from one end of the mall to the other, traveling a few blocks on the sidewalk or any other time when you have a minute or more to concentrate.

  • Take a few steps to establish your normal, comfortable pace.
  • Begin to count your steps as you take a breath in.  Experiment until you determine a set number of steps for each breath in.
  • Repeat the process for your out breath.
  • Walk rhythmically, synchronizing your specific number of steps for each in breath with the particular number of steps for each out breath.
  • Repeat for as long as you are able.


Sometimes we feel out of sorts, like we’ve lost our footing and we aren’t able to find our way in the world.  Grounding exercises help us to reconnect with our center and align with a positive flow.  They also contribute nicely to increasing vitality and aliveness when practiced often throughout the course of a normal day.

Growing Roots

  • Close your eyes and slowly inhale.
  • Pause briefly then allow your breath to easily exhale.
  • Repeat this breathing a total of three times.
  • As you continue this rhythm of breath, begin to place your attention on your feet.
  • In whatever way you imagine — see, feel or sense roots beginning to grow out of the bottom of your feet.  These roots are gentle, subtle and fully compatible with you.
  • The roots may be short and compact or may extend down several feet or even miles.  They may wrap around tree trunks or other natural features in the Earth below or easily glide along with no interference.
  • Whether the roots cover a small area or encompass the globe, however they grow is what is right for you.
  • Stop when you sense that the growth of your roots is complete.

Connect with the Earth

  • Start by envisioning a light at the center of the Earth.  A string or cord of this light begins to move upward toward the surface of the Earth.
  • Breath in slowly and visualize the line of light emerging from the Earth and entering your body through the bottom of your left foot.
  • Imagine, sense or feel this light moving gently up your left leg.
  • Hold your breath briefly when the light reaches your hip bones.  It now moves across your body to your right hip.
  • As you slowly exhale, the light goes down your right leg exiting through the bottom of that foot.
  • The beam continues down into the Earth, connecting again at the core.
  • Repeat the sequence as many times as you wish, always completing the entire circuit before stopping.

Guided Visualization

Also known as guided meditations or journeys, guided visualizations provide verbal instructions to the listener which lead them into a relaxed state.  They are then offered  specific instructions for further relaxation and self-exploration.  This technique may be used for general relaxation, stress reduction, healing, manifestation, releasing old patterns or any number of other uses.

There are many sources for guided visualizations.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Channel Sanaya Roman has a series of books with several written guided visualizations.  Additionally, they offer a full line of audio programs for sale as well as some free downloads of guided visualizations on their website

My teacher and spiritual mentor Denise Linn has fabulous offerings through iTunes.  She also does a guided meditation each week on her radio show which can be accessed at

Feng Shui and Clutter Clearing

As a Feng Shui practitioner, Carol has witnessed the undeniable connection between environment and consciousness.  In Feng Shui it is taught as within, so without.  This speaks to the lesson that our homes mirror who we are.  As we strive to improve our balance and clarity we may look to our homes for insight and inspiration.

Contact Carol to schedule a Feng Shui consultation.

Clutter Clearing

A natural cousin to the teachings of Feng Shui, Clutter Clearing has become an extremely popular topic in the past few years.  Several television shows as well as innumerable magazine articles, books and websites share their tips for clearing and organizing the spaces around us.

Feng Shui teaches that everything is alive with vital energy or Ch’i.   This includes all of our stuff.  We are exposed to and interacting with the energy in all the things around us all the time.   Therefore, these items, people, animals, plant, etc. either support or stifle our growth.

Carol shares her stories and instructions for Clutter Clearing in Soul Whispers: Collective Wisdom from Soul Coaches around the World.

For more information on Clutter Clearing or to schedule a Clutter Clearing Workshop contact Carol.

Vision Boards

Another fun way to become more centered is to create a Vision Board or Soul Coaching Collage.  This is a good technique for aligning yourself with a more purposeful idea of what your life can be.

Constructing either piece requires essentially the same procedure.  Where the two differ is in the initial intention of the exercise.  They both assist you in deciphering potential avenues for furthering peace and happiness in your life.  Soul Coaching Collage adds an additional layer of analysis that focuses more deeply on the potential messages from your soul and is provided only by a certified Soul Coach.

Contact Carol to schedule a Vision Board or Soul Coaching Collage Workshop.